Purifying sleeping performance

Active Carbon, which is used in many fields from food, mechanics to textiles, has reached a high rate of use in the textile sector in recent years, especially due to its super conductive feature.

For the most relaxing and purifying sleep experience, we have developed the X-Charcoal mattress ticking, which we produced from Active carbon, for you.

Carbon is an element of life, but why? What makes carbon so important to our life and sleep cycle? Why are all living things made of Carbon? What makes carbon so unique? To have the short answer, let's get to know Carbon a little better.

Performance fiber
X-Charcoal has High Strength
X-Charcoal is Corrosion Resistant and Chemically Stable
Antistatic effect
X-Charcoal is Electrically Conductive
UV light protection
Heat regulation
Thermal Conductivite and balances body heat
Tested & approved
Skin friendly

X-Charcoal as a static protection:

The human body is naturally conductive and the dispersed electrical charges in the body are responsible from numerous negative effects. Therefore, mattress tickings containing activated charcoal yarn in their composition can prevent the discharge of electrical charges into the body. Thus this helps prevent muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue.

Active Carbon promotes blood circulation and regular oxygen supply to the cells, providing an increase in resistance, reducing the feeling of fatigue in the muscles and increases the electrical performance of the human body.

A comfortable sleep with X-Charcoal: A healthy life throughout the night:

The high conductivity properties of Activated Carbon also cause sweat to disperse quickly, causing it to evaporate.
The less sweat comes into contact with the skin, the greater the feeling of well-being gets and the higher the quality of the sleep experience becomes.

Increase your performans with X-Charcoal

The secret to starting a good day is a good sleep. A physical test over a thirty-minute period of athletes wearing a shirt containing activated charcoal spindles and sleeping on an X-Charcoal mattress shows that at 15 and 30 minutes the athlete's metabolic energy offered an index of efficiency growth from 24.68% to 24.93%. 

This also showed that the muscular system can convert heat into mechanical energy


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