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Energetic & glowing skin

Every morning

Secrets of the Hydra fabrics

With its moisturizing, nourishing and restorative sleep features you can wake up to an energetic and glowing skin every morning.

Yes, there are many types of skin care. But your skin begins to repair itself during sleep. This means the most effective skin care is done during sleep. 

Hydra bedding fabrics are specially designed for you to have the most comfortable version of night care.

Skin care
Your cells stay healthy & look fresh
thanks to collagen hyaluron and Q10
complex in Hydra texture.
Co-enzyme Q10
It is a very powerful antioxidant
that helps to improve the signs of an aging skin
and removes the layer of dead cells.
Known for its calming, moisturizing and anti-aging effect
on all skin types. Its miraculous power helps hydrate
the outer layers of your skin in a much softer, smoother and brighter way.
It is a natural protein that maintains the your skin’s strength and restores its elasticity at cellular level.
It absorbs from the skin fastly
like serum effect.
Since active molecules as micro size,
It is able to reach to the epidermis easily.
Tested & approved.
Skin friendly
Does not irritate the skin. Controlled dermatological.

Your cells stay healthy and look fresh thanks to collagen hyaluron and Q10 complex in Hydra texture.

Hydra bedding fabrics are the perfect complement to your daily skincare routine. Because our skin is our first impression.


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