Go Green

Add value to your sleeps

We must assume more responsibility.

Melting icebergs, dwindling water resources, air pollution, and global warming become a major problem for humanity. Our planet's resources are limited, and we must assume more responsibility.

During the production synthetic products consume a lot of resources and can not be recycled back into the ecology.

Instead of using synthetic materials we, as Marsala Home, have succeeded in producing useful mass production fibers from sustainable and biodegradable soybeans.

Rich protein content
Supports digestion system
Natural content
Increases blood circulation

Meet with Soy bean mattress ticking

According to health experts, soybean contains high amount of magnesium. And this benefit is linked to improving your peace of mind of and sleep quality.

Now, imagine sleeping on a bed that is made from Soybean plant can: 

  • Help you to reduce insomnia.
  • Aid in managing diabetes.
  • Assist in help you to improve blood circulation.
  • Help you to have healthy bones.
Don't spend any more time trying to find the right product for you. Meet our soybean bedding fabric that is designed to enrich your sleeping experience while being a part of the sustainable world.

Go Green

We not only improve your sleep quality, but also produce respect for a sustainable world.