Olive Oil

Let the beds take care of your skin

Olive oil, a traditional production in Mediterranean region, comes from the fruits of the oil trees and to make it oil whole olives need to be pressed.Even though the origin of the olive oil comes from the Mediterranean, it became a popular product all over the world, with a wide range of uses from cosmetics to food.

With the latest microcapsule technology functional essence capsules are created to insert them onto the sleep surfaces efficiently. 
These miraculous capsules containing olive oil extract are filled with beneficial oils and powerful antioxidants. 
These ingredients will help make your sleep healthier than ever before. 

Because Olive Oil mattress ticking, which contains the rejuvenating effect of olive oil, ensures that your skin has a balanced moisture during sleep and allows you to discover a wonderful sleep thanks to its perfect softness.

Skin care
Vitamin content
Moisture the skin
Protects the heart health
Skin friendly
Olive oil

Feel the wind of mediterranean traditional olive oil cure.

Olive oil infused mattress ticking offers a natural and sensual feeling when you touch it. 


Relaxation and calmness you look for after a tiring day is in the Therapy collection.