For an Allergy-Free Sleeping Environment

What’s Allergy?

Allergy is caused when the antibodies in our own body fight and react to substances that may be seen harmless by other bodies. These substances can be dust, nutrients, inhalation materials, pollen, mites, and animal dander. 

Although it is thought to be mostly genetic, allergies occur at different ages due to environmental factors. Smoking and pollution are seen as the main causes of allergy.

While allergic rhinitis can cause sneezing, runny nose, itching and congestion in the nose, it can also lead to sleep apnea complaints. People with allergic complaints generally experience a disturbance in their sleeping patterns. 

This leads to nasal congestion, dry mouth or narrowing of your airway. As a result of all these, snoring at night and then cessation of breathing “apneas” and hence disrupted sleeping patterns can be seen.

Probiotic content
Skin care
Regulates digestive system
Helps to control blood pressure

Alleviator of the Allergies

In a situation where you suffer from sleep apnea and disrupted sleep cycle due to allergies, Provital offers a miracle sleep protection technology based on natural probiotics.

Probiotics contain "good" bacteria. 

These are live microorganisms that can provide health benefits to help to various health problems including allergies

By joining your system, the probiotics in your bed, they help: 

  • Reduce the severity of some allergies and eczema.

  • Regulate the digestive system.

  • Improve certain mental and physical conditions.

  • Regulate cholesterol and blood pressure.


We offer a technology that will protect your sleeping environment from all kinds of harmful and viral effects.