Thermal Comfort

Dry&Fit Technology

Discover the comfort of cool sleep thanks to the awesome technology of Dry&Fit that is specially produced for you.

We sweat independently from hot and cold weather on a regular basis. Especially during sleep, sweating increases and reduces sleep quality. Consequently, it becomes difficult to sleep in a humid weather.

 Therefore, a mattress made with Dry&Fit Technology improves sleep quality by eliminating the negative effects of sweating.

Supply a thermal comfort for your
sleep by controlling the sweating
Moisture absorbent
Able to absorb the sweat from
the body and dry back quickly
Performance fabric
Thanks to the special fiber
construction, has an airflow effect
Air permability effect
Tested & approved
Skin friendly

What is Dry&Fit Technology?

The Dry&Fit Technology brand is a family of polyester fibers designed to help you beat the heat. This cooling technology creates a mattress with permanent moisture absorbing performance.

Whether it's a hot day or you want to stay cool during sleep, Dry&Fit Technology helps you stay fresh, dry, and comfortable by evaporating moisture away from your skin and the mattress surface.

Thermal Comfort

It is designed to provide a sleep experience that will keep your body in thermal balance in all climates.