Company Policy

Quality, Energy and
Environmental Policy

As a company that respects nature, we are committed to:

As a company that respects nature, we are committed to:

● Protecting the environment in all commercial activities within the organization's own sphere of influence.

● Paying attention to the use of raw materials and benefitting from recycling by minimizing natural resource consumption.

● Controlling and reducing our energy consumption by using all resources and information in line with our goals.

● Increasing the awareness of our team and ensuring that the requirements of the certificates we have are implemented by all our employees.

● Taking the necessary measures to increase the quality and continuously improve it.

Social Policy

The aims of our policy are:

  • To respect national and international law as well as international human rights standards.
  • To provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, to minimize risks and to take precautions for possible accidents and injuries.
  • To keep the relationship between the team at a high level by providing regular consultation for our entire team. 
  • To stand firmly against issues such as racism and discrimination by offering equality to all employees.
  • To impose heavy labor penalties in matters such as mental or physical exertion.