Thermal Comfort

Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal environment is one of the most important factors that can affect a human’s sleep.In summer we try using cooling methods such as air conditioning or open windows while in winter we seek heating options.
PCM, a phase-change material, is a material that leaves and absorbs enough energy in the phase transitions. 
The molecules of this material move using your body heat. It cools you down when you feel hot. It warms you up when you feel cold. 

So, to make you stop trying different methods and options we developed the thermal mattress that provides comfort in cold and hot weather by using the PCM climate function technology.

Unique PCM technology that helps couples reach the ideal sleep temperatureseparately and simultaneously.

Thermal Balance
Sweating control
PCM technology
Tested & approved
Skin firendly

How it works?

This microcapsule technology is highly resistant to washing and has capsules containing millions of pcm on the fabric.

When you feel too cold, it absorbs excess heat from your body and uses it to convert heat energy into liquid. Conversely, if you need to be warm, PCM molecules change their state from solid to liquid.

PCM technology is not a roving system. It only checks the fluids before sweating starts.

When included in mattresses, cushions, and otherproducts, PCM's help manage the heat by creating anoptimized microclimate for a good night's sleep.

Everyone deserves to feel refreshed and rested.

Thermal Comfort

It is designed to provide a sleep experience that will keep your body in thermal balance in all climates.