Let's Breathe Again

We bring the nature's way of sleeping into your house

Oxygen is essential for lives as much as sleep. All you need is oxygen mattress sleep to increase your life quality.

Sleep quality increases when the amount of oxygen in our blood is balanced. Studies show that high oxygen levels foster the brain to remain in a deep and restorative sleep.

With our specially developed mattress fabric that contains oxygen capsules, you’ll be able to breathe comfortably in your sleep. 

When you lie on your bed after a long day, these capsules increase the level of oxygen by releasing them into your environment.

Deep Sleep
Facilitate the transition into deep sleep
More Oxygen
Help your cells to get more oxygen
Skin friendly
Enable removing toxins
Healthy sleep
Reduce the risk of sleep apnea
Comfortable sleep
Reduce the need to change positions
Relaxing effect
Help reduce muscle fatigue

Thanks to this special technology, your sleeping environment will always be a cozy and comfortable space.


Relaxation and calmness you look for after a tiring day is in the Therapy collection.