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Marsala Home produces both knitted and woven fabrics. We offer you sleeping solutions with unique innovations thanks to our experienced team and technology, trend colors and carefully crafted designs.
We produce mattress ticking with the latest technology machines which provide fastest production opportunity, innovative product solutions and high production capability.
You can add unique appearances to your collections with mattress ticking designed with finesse up to every detail, where flawless lines are enriched with perfect colors.
By considering the rich textile infrastructure of our city, Marsala Home company started its activities in 2021 in Bursa, the same location as Marsala Textile.

Marsala Home has been making its products in Bursa, Turkey, a city that is just one hour away from Sabiha Gokcen by car.

Who we are?

Mustafa Yıldırım, CEO of the company, has more than 20 years of experience in mattress ticking production. He has driven one of the world's biggest Turkey based global ticking producers for the last 10 years, as a Managing Director. He says; We know the customer's demands very well.
Our strategy is to be a global ticking supplier which focuses on; Customer satisfaction, producing user friendly products, innovation and design, and HSE rules (Health, Safety and Environment).

We are reliable and we have the experience to make our promises come true. When innovation and design are processed in the production with knowledge and experience, it creates a miracle.
Marsala Home will produce stylish and eye-catching designs, offer customer-oriented solutions with high technology and contribution of its experienced team. Our team always breaks the grounds in the ticking industry. That's why we say; This is not just a mattress ticking, This is Marsala Home mattress ticking.