Immune Supporting Sleep

Aside from cells, our body also has a system called the microbiome. All microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, etc.) in the human body are part of this system, and every body’s microbiome is different.

The beneficial bacteria in this microbiome are microorganisms that contribute to health in the human body, continue to live in the internal organs, and are not harmful to be consumed. 

Colloidal Microbiome technology supplements the beneficial bacteria in your body, whose numbers might decrease for any reason.

Supports immune system
Medical care
Includes benefical bacteria
Tested & approved
Skin friendly
Exclusived by Marsala Home

The time when the body is most open to repair is during the night sleep

Did you know that microbes multiply every 5 seconds and grow exponentiallyevery 20 minutes?

Lactobacilli encapsulated on the mattress ticking hold on to harmful bacteria and microbes, neutralize them and support our immune system.
While the body focuses on repairing damaged tissues, Colloidal Microbiome technology is the body's biggest supporter in fighting harmful bacteria and microbes.

Most of the microbes that enter our body are very small on size and tend to hide between tissues and cells.
Antibiotics are the most common form of treatment for infectious diseases. It is a known fact that antibiotics damage healthy body cells during treatment while harming body's own microbiome flora.

Colloidal Microbiome technology, which is a gift of modern medicine and works much stronger than antibiotics without disturbing the structure of body cells, has taken its place in the top place in the fight against infection.


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