Hotel Concept

Common Areas Are Now Safer

From time to time people willingly or have to travel and stay away from their own house.  During these travels, hotels are always preferred for accommodation. 

Although a number of expectations are requested from the hotels where you want to stay, the most important of them is hygiene and safety. Because both of these are very important about how safe we feel while we are away.

According to the researches the occupancy rate of hotels are about %65 of the own capacitieis and hotels and because of this reason hotels should keep clean&hygienic the mattresses continuesly.

Hotel concept
All in one mattress
Fire protection
Easy clean
Resists spills
Tested & approved
Skin firendly

Hotel Concept looks as solid as the first day even after long-term use.


Hotels are one of the most used common areas. About 850 people use the same bed each year. Hygiene is more than just surface cleaning. It is also invisible to the naked eye.

You can clean the dirt you can see, but surfaces contain a lot of invisible dirt and germs. Microbes and bacteria can survive on the bed surface for a long time. 

So bedding tickings should be well treated with antibacterials and antimicrobials to destroy any carried germs and stay hygienic for the next user. 

For these reasons Hotel Concept was developed to provide hygiene in common areas and to help protect your health.

Fire Safety

Each country has a different FR standard. The most well knows ones of these countries are as follows:

In the UK, the fire safety of hotels is controlled by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This requires every building to have a current fire risk assessment, and furnishings should be procured in line with this risk assessment.

 UK also requires BS7176 medium hazard level appropriate for hotels. BS 597-1 BS597-2 and Crib 5 which is BS 5852: 2006 section 11.

Europe applies various and different standards. But not all EU States rely on EN 1021-1 and EN 1021-2 tests to demonstrate fire safety. These are cigarette and match ignition tests on upholstery composite arrangements.

Suppliers in non-UK countries should check with local authorities on current requirements for fire safety.

USA requires CFR1632 and CFR1633 too in some arrangements.

Easy Clean

We cannot prevent the dirt on the beds during use in the hotel, but we can offer a bed surface which can easily be purged from dirt. The bearing surface can repel solid and liquid contaminants while protecting the rest of the components. 

Special hydrophobic surface and PU membrane laminated layers help you keep the hotel bed clean.

Strength and abrasion Resistance

Mattress tickings are products that are prone to aging in long-term uses. However, with its durable surface against pilling and abrasion.

No one has been able to gather all these features in the same mattress ticking before. Do not waste time gathering materials to reach the right result. All the necessities once and for all for the first time in one mattress ticking.


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