Anti Bug

A Comfortable Insect Free Sleep

Insects infesting beds are increasingly becoming a problem around the world. These silent assassins try to feed on human blood at night while an innocent human sleeps peacefully. This causes an ailment that causes itching and scarring.

Bed bugs like to hide in furniture, beddings, luggages, clothings and are extremely difficult to eradicate once they invade an area.

Thanks to Healthguard® appliqué bed fabric’s special formulation creates a warning system against bed bugs, deterring them from infesting the treated item.

In addition to doing all these, the Healthguard® formula also provides a hypoallergenic and hygienic environment.

A healthy and comfortable sleep, away from the insect invasion, awaits you.

Comfortable sleep
Tested & approved
Skin friendly

We offer a technology that will protect your sleeping environment from all kinds of harmful and viral effects.