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Marsala Home produces both knitted and woven fabrics. We offer you sleeping solutions with unique innovations thanks to our experienced team and technology, trend colors and carefully crafted designs.
We produce mattress ticking with the latest technology machines which provide fastest production opportunity, innovative product solutions and high production capability.
You can add unique appearances to your collections with our mattress ticking that is designed with finesse up to every detail, where flawless lines are enriched with perfect colors.

We not only improve your sleep quality, but also add our valuable efforts for building a sustainable world

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We invite you to be a part of this story with our bedding tickings that are produced with unique designs.
4M in Marsala home
As Marsala Home, we attach great importance to process management, planning and deadlines. With the 4M strategy we have adopted in this direction, we offer better products to our customers and have a more efficient business process with our team.
We started our way with our management team consisting of the most experienced and talented people in the industry. In order to expand the organization and strengthen resource management, we strengthened our team with well-equipped and innovative individuals from Generation Z.
We follow the trends of not only today but also the future by using machines of Japanese, British and German origin that can exceed the requirements of the sector.
We realize that time is the most important factor in fabric production, and we invest in time.

We work hard to manufacture the best product for each time in our facility by using the Worldwide latest advanced technologies knitting, weaving, finishing and also quality control systems, laboratory equipment, ERP software, industry 4.0, CRM programs.
We produce price-performance-oriented products, we can track the lot up to the final product with the stock system and integrate the quality parameters into the system. We carry out a customer-oriented work by prioritizing transparency with the systems we use.
Smart Textiles
With our experience & diligent work, we move technology forward and shape the future of both the industry and sleeping quality.
Meet our technology
Our production capacity is over
Milion meter per year

MARSALA factory was built on a designated big area, has its own weaving, dyeing, finishing production line, physics and chemicals laboratory. Starting from the raw product until the shipment time, the process of the entire yarn-greige and finished fabric stocks, collection, production and orders are followed and monitorised through our online ERP system.
You will be able to receive the daily updated stock list, open orders, financial balance reports from our online ERP system.
Specialised barcode system will be valid for each label for each po. We are able to follow your requests byt tracking the barcode of each labels.

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We started to work with Uludağ University

Marsala Home started to work on decision support mechanism in Quality Control process with Uludağ University Industrial Engineering Department.

20 December 2022
Kaizen and 5S Studies at Marsala Home

Marsala Home pushes the limits of excellence and efficiency with Kaizen and 5S its works.

#Kaizen #5S #Quality
14 September 2022
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