All Season
Thermal Comfort

Unique Hybrid Climafresh Technology

All Season technology provides year-round thermoregulation and comfort. The yarns contain a unique hybrid fiber blend that allows fabrics to intelligently adapt to the users’ needs.

When you're hot and sweaty, the fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, through evaporative properties. And when you're cold, the fabric helps keep you warm by reducing exposure to outside temperatures. 
All Season combination is a unique blend of fibers with a hollow core as well as fibers with a channeled surface that provides benefits beyond what one would expect from just one type of fiber in a single yarn.

Thermal balance
Thermo Buffering & Evaporative Cooling system.
Sweating control
Hollow fibers allow greater air circulation
and focus energy on the evaporation process.
Functional textile
Climafresh’s unique fiber blend evaporates moisture faster
than other materials. Fibers with a multi-channel surface
provide exceptional moisture transport.
Tested & approved.
Skin friendly

Temperature has one of the most important effects on sleep quality. We have presented Climafresh technology for you to keep your body at a stable temperature during sleep.

When outdoor conditions are cold and people have low activity levels, moisture must be removed quickly to prevent muscle cold or bodily


Hollow spaces in the fabric provide a material with thermo buffering properties. It protects you from temperature changes.

With Climafresh advanced technology,say goodbye to sweating or chilling

Thermal Comfort

It is designed to provide a sleep experience that will keep your body in thermal balance in all climates.