Cool Active
Thermal Comfort

The Coolest Version of the Sleep

Are you ready to feel the true coolness on your bed?

Cool Active mattress ticking is designed specially to give you the perfectly cool sleeping experience, so you can fall asleep faster and easier. 

How does it work?

When you touch the mattress, the specially designed high thermogram coefficient yarn absorbs the body heat quickly. 

And in turn, this makes you feel cool. After a while, the fabric stays cool through the night by regulating the heat emanating from your body. 

This cool loop can be with you every night.

Feature after washing
Doesn’t lose its feature after washing.
Sleep quality
Helps to improve your sleep quality.
Minimizing excessive sweating
Is beneficial in minimizing excessive sweating.
Permanent effect
Has a permanent effect.
Thermal Comfort

It is designed to provide a sleep experience that will keep your body in thermal balance in all climates.