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The cannabis plant was first domesticated by humanity about 15.000 years ago. Archaeological discoveries show evidence of cannabis used in various areas, from clothing and textile to traditional and modern medical rituals.

Industrial cannabis contains only a small amount of the psychoactive component of marijuana. So, the only buzz you get from cannabis is the moral height you'll be standing on knowing you're sleeping on a sustainable mattress.

The rugged construction of the hemp can be combined with features such as cotton or bamboo's softness. It can easily be blended with other natural fibers to create fabrics with different features.

Relaxing effect
deep sleep
Natural source
Legal conformity

Wake up relaxed & refreshed

Cannabis is not only gentle to the earth, but it also requires much less water compared to cotton, which uses four times more water than cannabis. Cannabis also needs relatively little soil and has benefits such as: 

  • Having a soft fabric surface.
  • Helping to reduce muscle pain.
  • Providing a hygienic sleeping environment thanks to cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Having stress-reducing effect by minimizing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Having antistress and calming effects.

Go Green

We not only improve your sleep quality, but also produce respect for a sustainable world.