Green Tea

Centuries Old Health

As it is known, Far Eastern medicine discovered the miracles of plants centuries ago and built modern medicine on them.

With their pleasant aroma and drinking experience, leaves of the Camellia tree attracted people's attention, and started to be drunk regularly. With this habit that’s been going on for about 5000 years, these leaves have become the traditional drink of the Far East.

Some people think that black tea and green tea are made from different plants, but in fact they are made from the leaves of the same tree. 
What separates them is the drying method. 

While black tea is left to its natural state and dried within a long time, it oxidizes and darkens. Green tea, on the other hand, is dried within a short time by being baked, thus oxidation can be prevented and most of the chemicals in it can be preserved at the same time

Vitamin support
Anticellulite effect
Skin friendly

Green tea Sleep Experience

There are about 4000 chemical components in green tea that can create many positive effects on human body. Studies and experiments on this plant revealed many surprising benefits. 

Sleep is one of the most basic needs for removing harmful toxins from the body, regulating body's circulation and immune balance, and resting. We’ve developed this mattress ticking with green tea extract both to help you have a more efficient sleeping experience and to give these benefits in a more active way.

Miracle of green tea will increase your body’s vitality by enabling a safer, more comfortable, and hygienic sleep.


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