Repreve® Our Ocean
Go Green

Having a Better Future

You can make a difference in the future of the world.

Billions of plastic bottles end up in landfills every year. But you can do something about it right now. You can choose REPREVE® Our Ocean® Product that is announced by Unifi.

It’s the most trusted fiber that is made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles) and owns a branded performance. 

By preferring a mattress ticking produced with Repreve® you can make a difference in the future of the world.

Recycled from ocean waste
Tracibility by Unifi
Tested & approved. Skin Friendly

How it works?

To revitalize offsets using new oil, emit less greenhouse gases and conserve water and energy in the process is making a huge difference to our future. For this, Repreve® fiber has launched a new sustainable product that allows customers and consumers to play a positive role without actively solving the ever-growing problem of ocean plastic. To address the root cause of ocean plastic.

Repreve® fiber is produced from bottles that are collected 50 kilometers away from the coastline in countries or regions that lack formal waste or recycling systems. 

With the quality of REPREVE®’s branded technology, reliable quality and 100% recycled construction which is produced from marine waste, your sleep areas will be a part of the sustainable eco-cycle.

To have an active role in the sustainable world you too can choose sleep accessories made of REPREVE® fibers.

Go Green

We not only improve your sleep quality, but also produce respect for a sustainable world.