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The Healthguard® hygiene system offers world-class antimicrobial sleep surface ticking solutions against the wild bacteria and fungal spectrum. 

It’s helpful for protect you from microbial infestation and bacterial colonization which can be seen on everyday items.

Anti-microbial mattresses and cushions provide a wide range of anti-bacterial benefits and make consumers feel safer knowing that sleep zones will not be a living biomass for harmful microorganisms. 

Long lasting freshness
& improved hygiene.
Antibacterial & antimicrobial
System 1&2 options. Includes permethrin
Protection against nasty microbes & microorganisms
High protection system
Protection to you & your family
by reducing transmission of deadly germs
To destroy pathogens
that are known to trigger asthma.
Tested & approved
Skin friendly

We offer a technology that will protect your sleeping environment from all kinds of harmful and viral effects.