Odorox Technology: A New Dimension

Now you can refresh during your sleep.

If your room or bed gets very hot at night, getting sweaty during your sleep is perfectly normal. However, due to night sweats, your bed and bedding can get soaked.

Humidity and temperature that’s caused by this situation, provide an excellent basis for bacteria and microbe formation. As a result, an unwanted odor can be formed. This odor permeates the bed and body.

For this reason, we’ve developed the anti-odor mattress ticking that aims to provide an odor-free environment for you. Now you can refresh during your sleep.

Unfavorable for growing of the bacterias and microbes.
It helps to reduce the accumulation of odor components and contributes significantly to increasing your comfort.
Tested & approved.
Skin friendly
It doesn’t contain pesticides.
Breathable fresh surface
Bad smells will no longer bother you. You can get a fresh sleep.

We offer a technology that will protect your sleeping environment from all kinds of harmful and viral effects.