Go Green

The New Standart In Eco-Responsible Viscose

To remember our responsibility towards the environment, we’ve developed sustainable mattress ticking for you using LENZING™ and ECOVERO™ fibers.

Viscose fibers are sourced from sustainable wood and pulp from certified and controlled sources.

Sustainable wood and pulp from certified and controlled sources.
Soft touch
Silky craftsmanship & natural brightness
Botanic Origin
Botanical-based recycled Tencel cellulose fibers.

Discover the Ecovero mattress fabric

So you can have a comfortable and environmentally conscious sleep.

Eco-Responsible Production

Derived from certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production process by meeting high environmental standards, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers tailor to a sustainable lifestyle, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Sustainable Wood Source

Wood – our natural and renewable raw material, wood and pulp, comes from certified and controlled sources derived from sustainably managed forests.

Lower Water Impact

Water – up to 50% lower water impact. In addition to maintaining a highly efficient usage rate, we clean up the water we use before returning it to nature.

Lower CO2 Emissions

Air – up to 50% lower CO2 emissions to air helping to combat climate change.

Go Green

We not only improve your sleep quality, but also produce respect for a sustainable world.